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Strategic Planning in Higher Education is Vital for Educational Institutes of United States

February 05, 2018

United States Higher Education Department believes that integration of strategic planning in higher education is vital at the academic institutes of United States.  Strategic planning basically communicates an established process that will persuade educational institutions to think and lead in a better and more visible direction.

Director of United States Higher Education Department states that “Strategic planning is an essential tool for a progressive management of schools, colleges and universities at all levels. It is a significant source for them to identify their uniqueness that makes them stand apart from other educational institutes and also, the similarities. Hence, they get to know how to attain the edge!”

A systematic plan should be embedded permanently by higher educational institutes, because strategic planning in higher education is not one-time process, it is a recurring process and involves a number of relevant steps. Academic institutions need to keep its staff in loop, while planning so that they develop a sense of ownership and stay motivated.

United States Higher Education Department specifically emphasizes that strategic planning should not be limited to a piece of document, but it should be religiously incorporated in the systems. The academic institutions of higher education should develop relevant action plans, so that they can head towards success. The plan should briefly define steps that guides how the educational institutions should attain their strategic goals.

Assistant Vice President of USHED states that “Strategic planning at educational institutes of United States should signify that these are prioritized action plans, which will play a vital part in sustaining a competitive edge over others and maintain a distinct identity. “